50B anti-media compound special type

XH-50B /K75 is a two-component reactive polyurethane dry composite adhesive with chemical resistance and boiling resistance, suitable for the interlayer of food flexible packaging composite materials such as OPP, CPP, PE, CPE, PET, NY, AL and other substrates complex.
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    • Commodity name: 50B anti-media compound special type
    • Commodity ID: XH-50B/K75

    XH-50B /K75 is a two-component reactive polyurethane dry composite adhesive with chemical resistance and boiling resistance, suitable for the interlayer of food flexible packaging composite materials such as OPP, CPP, PE, CPE, PET, NY, AL and other substrates complex.

    XH-50B/K75Polyurethane dry compound adhesive



    XH-50B /K75 is a two-component reactive polyurethane dry composite adhesive with chemical resistance and boiling resistance, suitable for food flexible packaging composite materials OPP, Interlayer lamination of CPP, PE, CPE, PET, NY, AL and other substrates.  

    I.Product features:
    1. Good adhesion to various film substrates;
    2. It has good initial viscosity and good peel strength, and is suitable for compounding of rigid materials such as aluminum foil;
    3. It has good heat resistance, frost resistance, hydrolysis resistance, medium resistance and chemical resistance, and is suitable for jelly, pudding, fruit juice drinks, etc. that need to be heated, boiled and sterilized, as well as those containing various acids, alkalis, naphthalene (insect-proof pills) ), flavors and fragrances and other chemical synthetic substances have better adaptability;
    4. It has good wetting and leveling properties, suitable for high and medium speed coating.
    II.Product technical specifications:


    Main agent: XH-50B

    Curing agent: XH-K75

    Resin system

    Polyester polyurethane polyol

    TDI-TMP polymers


    Colorless or light yellow transparent viscous liquid

    Colorless or light yellow transparent viscous liquid

    Solid content (%)




    Ethyl acetate

    Ethyl acetate

    Viscosity(mPa.s 25℃)



    三、Reference ratio:
    Generally, XH-50B/K75=100/12-15; the user determines the formula ratio according to his own situation. If there is no special request, the company will provide it to the user according to the ratio of XH-50B//K75=100/13.
    Ethyl acetate is generally used; the water content of the solvent is required to be less than 0.2%, and solvents containing active hydrogen such as alcohols and amines cannot be contained。











    Ethyl acetate

    25.2 kg

    20.1 kg

    17.2 kg

    14.7 kg

    Total weight

    47.8 kg

    42.7 kg

    39.8 kg

    37.3 kg

    Working fluid concentration





    Note: The viscosity of the working fluid with a specific concentration is measured at 25°C using a 3# Zahn cup。                                  


    Figure 1  Concentration-Viscosity Diagram

    V.Application range:General dry compounding.
    Six.Coating method: Gravure coating.
    VII.Coating weight: 2.5-5g/m2 (dry basis), (depending on the post-processing, use and quality requirements of the film structure).
    VIII.Laminating roll temperature: It is generally controlled at 50℃-80℃, and the film that is easily affected by temperature is controlled at 50℃-60℃.
    Nine.Composite roller pressure: Under the premise of not damaging the film, the composite pressure should be increased as much as possible.
    X.Compound drying tunnel temperature: 50℃~60℃, 60℃~70℃, 70℃~80℃ (reference value).
    Eleven.Aging temperature: 40℃-50℃.
    Twelve.Aging time:  More than 24-48 hours. Since the curing reaction rate of the two-component polyurethane adhesive varies with the air temperature, and the time required for the inner and outer layers of the roll film to reach the set curing temperature is also different, in the case of low temperature in winter and for larger rolls The curing time of the film and the multi-layer structure composite film containing AL should be appropriately extended to avoid the occurrence of abnormal quality phenomena such as heat-sealing curling, delamination and unevenness of the composite film due to incomplete curing and cross-linking of the two components of the adhesive.






    room temperature
















    14. Packaging: Main  agent: 20kg/barrel
    Curing agent: 2.6kg (can be packaged according to user requirements)
    Fifteen.  Storage: This product is inflammable and explosive, and should be sealed and stored in a cool, ventilated and dry environment, and should not be placed in the open air; Pay attention to heat insulation, moisture-proof and fire-proof. Storage period is one year。

    1. The ratio of the main agent and the curing agent, the user should adjust the ratio of the main agent and the curing agent appropriately according to the type of film, composite structure, printing conditions and climatic conditions (ambient temperature, humidity). In the climatic conditions of high temperature and high humidity, the user should increase the ratio of the curing agent by 5% on the original basis when the film printed with gravure ink containing a large amount of alcohol diluent and the nylon film substrate that is very easy to absorb moisture are laminated. ~10% use.
    2. The surface of the substrate to be bonded must be corona treated, clean and dry, free of dust and oil. Among them, the surface tension of PET shall not be lower than 42 dynes; NY as the intermediate layer must be treated on both sides, and the surface tension shall not be less than 42 dynes. Less than 50 dyne; the surface tension of OPP, CPP and PE shall not be less than 38 dyne.
    3. The type of film additives, the glue concentration, the depth of the mesh roll, and the number of lines have an impact on the bonding strength of the composite film, which should be selected before use.
    4. Pay attention to check and control the viscosity of the adhesive during the compounding process; there must be enough coating amount and sufficient curing.
    5. After opening the package, it must be used up in a short period of time, especially the curing agent is easy to absorb moisture and deteriorate, and more attention should be paid to drying and sealing.
    6. The prepared adhesive should be used up within 8 hours as much as possible. If it is found that the viscosity of the adhesive is obviously increased or appears turbid, it should be stopped.
    7. This product contains flammable solvents. Fireworks and static electricity are strictly prohibited.
    8. The workplace should be ventilated and appropriate labor protection tools should be worn.
    9. Please read the product safety instructions before use.

    important hint:
    The production process of the company's products is strictly monitored, and the products are subject to strict quality inspection. The above related product technical information is provided in good faith and for reference only. The specific use method of the product is determined by the user according to their own product requirements and production technical conditions, and the user is requested to conduct sufficient tests before use. Since the application, use and processing of our products are beyond our control, our company is not responsible for any adverse consequences caused by improper use by customers. If you have any questions, please call our customer service department for consultation. The customer service department hotline: 0760-88501510.

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