Our company carried out emergency drills for accidents in the second half of 2018

In order to implement the fire protection policy of "prevention first and combination of fire prevention and fire prevention", promote fire safety work, improve fire protection awareness of all employees, and master fire emergency response, first aid for the wounded and safe evacuation capabilities, the second simulation fire evacuation involving the whole factory was held. exercise. Through the exercise, the fire fighting ability of the volunteer firefighters can be improved, and it is also a good test of the fire fighting equipment and facilities.

Exercise time: December 21, 2018 15:30-16:30 pm

Assuming the fire location: a fire occurs due to the leakage of the unloading tank area (the simulated smoke location is set near the storage tank area, no open fire is allowed)

Hypothetical spreading area: spreading to workshops and office buildings

Hypothetical evacuation area: the entire workshop, office building and all other personnel in the factory

Participating Units: All personnel in the factory, including those working in collaborative units in offices and production areas.