Warmly celebrate the 20th anniversary of Guangdong Xinhui Chemical Co., Ltd. a complete success

The sky is clear and the osmanthus is fragrant. In this beautiful season, it ushered in the 20th birthday of Guangdong Xinhui Chemical.

On October 29, 2018, the 20th anniversary of Guangdong Xinhui Chemical Co., Ltd. and the inauguration ceremony of the water-based PU workshop were grandly held in the Guangdong Xinhui workshop. From Amcor, Dongguan Wonderful, Guangzhou Yongxin, Nanhai Lida, Shenzhen AIA, Zhongshan Juda, Zhongshan Huaxing, Guangzhou Xin'an and other well-known flexible packaging companies and Siegwerk, Jiangmen Toyo, Bauhinia Ink, Zhuhai Letong, Diai About 180 guests from partners such as Sheng, Huangshan Xinli and other partners witnessed this momentous and joyous moment of Xinhui!

Mr. He Decai of Jinxi International, Mr. Feng Xiaolong, President of Dongsheng Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Auris of Siegwerk Ink, Mr. Zhang Binxian of Zhuhai Letong Chemical Co., Ltd., Mr. Zhu Zhiwei, Secretary General of Guangdong Packaging Technology Association, and Director of Guangdong Xinhui Chemical Co., Ltd. Mr. Chang Ou Huaxin jointly cut the ribbon and announced the completion of the water-based PU workshop!

Xinhui Company builds water-based environmental protection workshops and new production bases, continues to innovate, and continuously expands the fullness of its product system. In the current period of rapid changes in the internal and external environment, various crises and opportunities are deeply intertwined and coexist. Xinhui Company is not afraid of clouds covering its eyes, focusing on the long-term, and coming up with more, better and more suitable products and services for market demand. We have no reason to hold back, and we will move forward with a firmer pace in the future.

After the visit, all the guests drove to Zhongshan Lihe Hilton Hotel to attend the 20th Anniversary Thanksgiving Dinner of Xinhui Company.

In the past 20 years, Xinhui company started from scratch, went through twists and turns, worked hard and worked hard. Stand out from the fierce market competition environment with strong players and achieve remarkable achievements for 20 years.

"If you want to know the east, Mo Daojun walks early, people are not old when you walk through the green mountains, and the scenery here is unique." Achievements are yesterday, and a bright future is calling us to explore. Entering a new journey, we must maintain the fine tradition of Xinhui's hard work on the basis of the development of the previous 20 years, guard against arrogance and impetuousness, and conscientiously carry out various management tasks of the enterprise. With brand-new concepts, scientific management, and solid operation to lead the future development of the company, although the road ahead is still tortuous, we firmly believe that after 20 years of trials and hardships, Xinhui people who have been nurtured by a good culture will be able to overcome all difficulties. With a more solid pace, we will move forward bravely towards the goal of a century of Xinhui.