The Municipal Health and Health Bureau supervises and guides our company's occupational health-related work

On April 1, 2020, Zhongshan Municipal Health Bureau supervised and guided our company in occupational health and epidemic prevention related work.

Then the main person in charge of our company had a conversation with the inspection team of the Municipal Health and Health Bureau. The team listened to the company's occupational disease prevention work report and learned about the staffing arrangement of our company's occupational health management. Then organize personnel to check the occupational disease protection equipment, emergency rescue measures, on-site warning signs and Chinese warning instructions in our production workshop, as well as the supply and wearing of personal protective equipment for on-the-job workers.

Xinhui Co., Ltd. actively cooperates with relevant departments to do a good job in various tasks, and places occupational health work in an important position to ensure the sustainable development of the company and the life, health and safety of employees. The inspection team of the Municipal Health and Health Bureau praised the series of work implemented by our company, and at the same time publicized and put forward new policies, regulations and work suggestions to our company.